Welcome to our manifesto

This is an experiment

trained AI+human input = emergent artwork


The thing that hasn't been done before

& carefully studied to innovate

OK, so what is it about?
we trained an A.I. by scanning 800y of art history
for creating authentic- emergent artwork
from human-selected Picsells
inside an interactive platform
so he knows what's been done in order to generate what hasn't been done.

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Meet AIon

We asked him to study the past 800 years of art in terms of styles and content so he knows everything that's been done before, what and how, the difference between all art currents and how they evolved from one to another therefore, what hasn't been done before.

Now we're asking him to create it.

Wait a minute, using what?

  • Human selected input. with its own criteria. influencing the final artwork

How is this a manifesto?

First Collective, Participative, Emergent Artwork

The next contemporary art manifesto is about how the classical individual artist is being replaced with a large collective of people around the world, generating participative-emerging content, serving as an informational input for a trained A.I. to create* the future of visual arts, Want to be part of it? You can buy your own pixel/s from any of the selected artworks and place it on the canvas, more you buy, more visible you get. Enjoy the process and share with your friends!
For the past year, an A.I. was trained with machine learning techniques to study 800 years of art history in order to understand the differences between currents from both, content(information) and style(strokes). It is now capable to generate something completely different from everything done before using the human chosen pixels as a material to create an authentic and innovative digital artwork.
Any piece of art until now, before market is valued at its own production costs and time, this artwork when the the campaign will end, will have a starting value of 1milE. The canvas has 1million pixels and each Picsell is sold at 1€.
If you buy more than 1 pixel you own more of the final artwork. Each and every pixel will have its own intellectual property, it will be associated with whatever data the buyer thinks it is necessary in order to generate identity, creating the first digital human archive inside an artwork. The final stats with the number of buyers, age, location etc will be published at the end of the campaign.

"cave art/ drawings as language, ≈50.000 BC"

There is a debate since forever about originality and authenticity in any of the creative arts. Plenty of questions and confusing statements about the future.


Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917

Every time something new appears, it's either an addition or a reinterpretation, nowadays. In order to reinvent "art", we thought only a trained A.I. would be capable of ensuring authenticity.


Picsell Manifesto, AIon, 2023

A real manifesto generates a revolution and our manifesto is about how emergence through technology finds its way into visual arts.








Why to be part?

  • Own a piece of digital art history.
  • Out of curiositv! How it will look like?
  • Have fun in a creative, interactive and educative process.
  • Make your mark on 1.000.000 pixels canvas.
  • Get a digital print automatically valued at 1mils when the campaign is over and a cool postcard now!

1PCSL = 1€...WHATS 1€? use it to be part
Support a strong cultural movement while enjoying the creative and educative process as well. BE PART!

Be one of the artists!

You can buy your own Picsell from a range of famous artwork by choosing any part you want with approximately this size, then choose your criteria which later will influence the final artwork that Alon, our super artsy trained artificial intelligence, will create.

In the final artwork, you will own a piece of the smart hyper canvas where you can zoom in and out and search for all users. More Picsells you buy, more visible you get.

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